Ruilongyuan Electronics focuses on the future and creates a soft drive for corporate culture.

Ruilongyuan Electronics focuses on the future and creates a soft drive for corporate culture.

Recalling the past eventful years, high-speed and healthy development is the main theme.


Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in March 2009; In September of the same year, EPR system was introduced to implement process management; Established its own brand “RUILON” in October.

In May of the following year, the Hong Kong branch was established; In August, the overseas market was fully laid out and a global online sales system was established.

In May 2011, it passed the ISO quality management system certification; In July, Shenzhen Bantian Factory was completed and the production line was put into production.

In February 2012, Shanghai Branch was established; August wholly-owned acquisition of “Ronghuilong Electronics”; In September, we invested in setting up a technology research and development center and establishing an EMC lightning strike laboratory. In December 2012, the R&D and production team of lightning arrester was established and the first SPD production line was put into operation.

In May 2013, the world’s first built-in camera lightning protection product was launched; Wuhan branch was established in October.

In March 2014, it strategically invested in “Maihande Industry”; In May, the first aging test product line was successfully developed and debugged, and put into practical use.

In February 2015, we independently developed and obtained 18 product technology patents; In November, it was awarded “National High-tech Enterprise”; In December, the annual sales exceeded 80 million.

Excellent cultural concept is one of the core driving forces for the rapid and healthy development of enterprises.

The rapid and healthy development in recent ten years has benefited from the company’s good corporate culture to some extent.

The vision of the company is to become a world-class leading supplier of overvoltage and overcurrent protection components; It will devote itself to the research and application in the field of circuit protection, meet the needs of customers with excellent products and services, and create a safe and healthy living environment for human society as the ultimate mission of the enterprise.

The company advocates the principle of people-oriented, meritocracy, and talent must be used; Implement the production concept of standardization of operation and internationalization of quality; Adhere to the development concept of innovation-driven, transformation and leap-forward, people-oriented and quality; We regard creating value for customers, creating future for employees and creating prosperity for society as the ultimate business philosophy.

Driven by the corporate values of honesty, pragmatism, innovation and responsibility, and inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of a group of people, one thing and a lifetime, all employees of the company unite and strive for a common goal, which is the core cultural force, imperceptibly driving the company to develop well and rapidly.

The brand interpretation is unique, and the founder’s ambition is high.

Founder Wang Xuming, as a young post-80s entrepreneur, witnessed the backward status of electronic circuit protection industry in China at the beginning of his business.

At that time, all high-end products were dominated by foreign enterprises, and China enterprises could only sell cheap labor to produce low-end products. Some international companies in China, such as Huawei and ZTE, could only import foreign electronic circuit protection products at high prices, while foreign enterprises, such as Samsung and Sony, did not consider China circuit protection products at all.
In order to change this situation and revitalize the circuit protection industry in China, Wang Xuming founded Ruilongyuan Electronics.

“The reason why the words Ruilongyuan are taken is because: Rui, a good sign of good luck, an ancient jade article by faith; Long, grand and prosperous; Yuan, the root of things,water
Where the flow comes from. Ruilongyuan electronics, relying on the source of heaven, earth and auspicious, creates a prosperous industry in the contemporary future! “Said the founder Wang Xuming with rich cultural connotation.
The unique brand interpretation has placed the harmony between heaven and earth, and even placed the founder’s ambition for the present, especially for the future development!

Post time: Mar-15-2023