Ma Zhongliang, head of electronic lightning protection department of Ruilongyuan, presided over the training of lightning protection knowledge and sales skills.

On the afternoon of September 26th, 2016, Ma Zhongliang, head of electronic lightning protection department of Ruilongyuan, trained two new production supervisors on lightning protection knowledge and exchanged sales skills with the marketing department.

As a veteran backbone, Mr. Ma has been committed to the research, production and sales of lightning protection devices for more than ten years. He grew up with the company and witnessed the development of the company and the whole industry. Its high technical attainments and achievements, profound insight and experience in the market have benefited colleagues attending the meeting.

Mr. Ma explained the knowledge of lightning protection device to everyone with his signature “fascinated smile”.


Lightning principles such as tip discharge and skin effect; The forms of lightning in nature, such as direct lightning and ball lightning, were vividly explained by Mr. Ma, which made it easy for colleagues present to understand and learned a natural science course.

In addition, the types of passive protection devices for circuit protection, such as GDT (ceramic gas discharge tube), MOV (varistor), TVS (transient suppression diode), PTC (self-recovery fuse) and so on, are explained, so that two new colleagues can understand and adapt to their work faster.

After explaining the knowledge about lightning arrester, Mr. Ma also exchanged sales skills with the marketing department, hoping to pass on some of his experience to colleagues in the marketing department.

My colleagues in the marketing department have benefited a lot, and they have also raised some questions that have been puzzling for a long time. After being answered by Mr. Ma, they were enlightened. I believe these experiences and experiences will bring great help to the future work.

The meeting ended successfully with applause.

Post time: Mar-16-2023