About Us

About Us

About us

Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is a national high-tech enterprise; it specialized in the development, design, manufacturing and marketing of over-voltage&over-current components and surge protection devices.

As one of the most professional manufacturers in the field of circuit protection in China, RUILONGYUAN own its independent brand “RUILON”, the products of RUILON covered full series of over-voltage&over-current protection components, including Gas Discharge Tube(GDT), Transient Voltage Suppressors(TVS), ESD Arrays, Thyristor Surge Suppressors(TSS), Positive Thermal Coefficient(PTC), and Metal Oxide Varistor(MOV) etc; and full series of Surge Protection Device(SPD), including Power Supply SPD, Signal SPD, Monitor SPD and New Energy SPD etc.

Major events of the enterprise

  • 2020
    In October 2020, we will reach strategic cooperation with TVU of Rhine, Germany
    In December, the original ruilon EMC laboratory was upgraded
  • 2019
    In june2019, the "supply chain management system" was established
  • 2018
    Passed IATF16949 certification in April 2018
    Launched the first onboard 40KA lightning protection module for 5G in May
  • 2017
    In March 2017, passed the new version of ISO9001
    In July, Ruilongyuan Electronic Legal Department was established
  • 2016
    In April 2016, Ruilongyuan Guanlan production base was established
    In August, the second generation of TALS series thin 10kV products were launched
  • 2015
    In February 2015, independently developed 18 product technology patents
    In November, it was awarded "National High-tech Enterprise"
  • 2014
    In May 2014, the first automatic aging test line was put into use
  • 2013
    In May 2013, the first built-in camera lightning protection module was launched
    In October, Wuhan Branch was established
  • 2012
    In February 2012, Shanghai branch was established
    In September, invested in the establishment of a technology research
    In December, set up a lightning protection device R&D and production team
  • 2011
    In May 2011, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification
    In July, the Bantian factory in Shenzhen was completed
  • 2010
    In May 2010, Hong Kong branch was established
    In August, establish a global network sales system
  • 2009
    In March 2009, Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established
    In October, the registration of the "RUILON" brand was completed

Production strength

IIn March 2009, Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was established
In October, the registration of the "RUILON" brand was completed
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